My Vision

Growing up, I remember my Grandmother making me my first grilled cheese sandwich.  After my initial bite, I was hooked!  In fact, I politely asked her to make me a second.  My mission here is to recreate that fond memory with a spin!  My focus at Fromage Grillé is CHEESE.  I take that cheese and complement it with other ingredients, not the other way around.  Otherwise, is it really a grilled cheese?  I aim to perfect what I do, and that's making grilled cheese sandwiches.  I strive to provide a cozy atmosphere and treat each sandwich like a French delicacy.  Everyone, take a bite of my fond memory and share the pleasure that I once experienced as a young boy, and that I continue to experience today.  Welcome to my vision!


-Ken Pfaff, Owner

101 Miln Street, Cranford, NJ 07016

(908) 497-9555

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